Monday, 3 February 2014

Shogun Total War Warlord Edition Free Download [Full

Download Shogun: Total War Warlords Edition Full PC Game | Size :1.43 GiB

Total War is the complete experience of warfare presented in the most realistic way possible through the use of state of the art technology in graphics and AI. You’ll need strategic brilliance to manage your campaign, with the training, recruitment and funding of your armies. You’ll need cunning to deploy spies and emissaries to outwit your opponents while maintaining a web of alliances. And you’ll need tactical brilliance to take your army out onto the battlefield and crush your enemies.


How to install :
1. Burn BIN/CUE files to CD or mount with virtual drive
2. Install (full recommended)
3. enter verification key using the EA Keygen included
3. Update to version 1.02 (shogunwv1.02_euro.exe)
4. Enjoy




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